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Move Past Limitations

Pain, inflammation, or discomfort in the heel, ankle, knee, and lower back can be the result of poor foot mechanics. Sometimes, these issues can be resolved with simple stretching and exercise. However, if your muscles and ligaments aren’t strong enough to offer proper support, orthotics may be needed.

Orthotics are external devices that offer support to your joints, such as insoles, braces, and sleeves. They control movement, correct alignment, provide stability, distribute weight evenly, and aid the recovery or prevention of injuries by removing pressure. This allows you to return to your everyday activities uninhibited by pain.

One Step Closer to Freedom

In addition to orthotics, chiropractors can also apply manipulation or mobilization techniques to the affected joint in effort to release the pressure that’s causing restricted motion. These techniques help address and correct the cause of the problem, aiding the body’s healing process.

A chiropractor can prescribe different strengthening and stretching exercises to keep your joints moving efficiently and prevent future issues. Through treatment with Dr. Phil, you can regain regular mobility and control in your joints without medical intervention.

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