Joint Injuries and Rehab
Joining the Part to the Whole

Joints like your knees, wrists, ankles, elbows, and shoulders connect the various parts of your body to form one cohesive whole. They facilitate movement and act as shock absorbers. Your body is constantly in motion. An injury to any one of these joints can significantly impair your ability to function normally.

Joint injuries can be caused by sudden trauma like a car accident or sports injury, wear and tear from years of repetitive stress motions, or even inflammatory diets. The limited range of motion associated with joint injuries can impact even simple actions like walking, reaching, or carrying.

Restore Your Mobility

With chiropractic care, joint injuries can be naturally rehabilitated without the need for shots or surgery. A chiropractor can correct the root cause of dysfunction and relieve the pressure placed on the weak joint, providing the ability for the body to restore range of motion and heal itself.

By pairing attentive chiropractic manipulation and mobilization techniques on and around the problematic joint with proper nutritional support, Dr. Phil can restore range of motion and relieve pain, allowing you the freedom to return to your daily life.

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